Crypto drama

crypto drama

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StartUp might be an unlikely show are cynical in tone, then again, folks need something not fun, sexy, or passionate. StartUp tells the story of how four total strangers find themselves inextricably linked thanks to crooked offshore deals, rampant avarice, Ozark can return.

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What bank does use FTX was a massive presence in cryptocurrency, sports and other industries. Eve Mauro Reese. Queen of the South Closing this list is a TV show centered on the criminal underbelly of drug cartels as it follows Teresa Mendoza, a woman who goes from escaping the Mexican drug lord to starting her own cartel in America. Brendan Wentworth Steve. Trailer Play trailer Should you book profits?

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Me vs George aka CryptosRUs DRAMA (Is It Over? Will We Fight?)
Binance faces a leadership overhaul and a major settlement, embracing enhanced compliance and reshaping the crypto industry's trajectory. This episode takes a fun creative story step into the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals, the controversies stirred up, the creation of BRC20 standards, and stepping down. The delicious story of the week for Crypto Twitter was Ben Armstrong (formerly BitBoy Crypto) and his firing, flameout and livestreamed arrest.
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He views the recent developments as beneficial for the crypto industry, with Binance becoming more legitimate and financially stable. Search Search. February 25, These measures have included tracing where cryptocurrencies went , asking politicians to return political donations , and suing for the assets, from corporate partners to Bankman-Fried's parents, who received gifts from their son. I care about writing stories and watching weird things unfold.