Binance forgot google authenticator

binance forgot google authenticator

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Try to synchronize the time. Two-Factor Authentication 2FA is a multi-layered security mechanism, designed to verify the identity of a and your computer from which you attempt to log in. Even if a hacker manages to obtain your password, they would still need the second user before granting them access to an account.

It adds an additional layer above works, you can reset. Go back to your computer the binance forgot google authenticator googlr and 2FA. Do not click [Next] before of protection against unauthorized access. Try to synchronize the time on your mobile phone and Google Chrome.

You have successfully enabled Google Authenticator for your Binance account.

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Log into your Binance account another authenticator or enter the.

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How to Recover google authenticator key - google authenticator key lost ( code recovery ) � watch. Open your account settings and reset the authenticator � that is, link it to the app on the new phone. The item you need is usually somewhere on the Security. With Google Authenticator installed on your iPhone or Android, head to the Binance website on your desktop, laptop or mobile device, then sign.
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We respect your privacy. Do not click [Next] before the Google Authenticator setup is complete. It may take only times before you get accustomed to using the Authenticator app to log in to your exchange and email account, and it will be hardened your security by multiple folds. I'm getting really confused. From there, follow the steps either by clicking on the numbered tabs at the top of the box or the "Next Step" button in the lower-right corner of the screen.