Ethereum social media

ethereum social media

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Decentralized Social Media - Why Crypto with Brian Armstrong
A decentralized social network deployed on ethereum network where you can share your content freely as there is no central authority to control and also can. While finding decentralized social media platforms on Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash may come as a surprise to some, Steem is known as the �social blockchain,� and. Built on the Ethereum network, Minds is a decentralized social network that aims to regain users' control of their social media experience.
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After concluding a beta phase on the Rinkeby testnet, Reddit Community Points are now on Arbitrum Nova opens in a new tab , a blockchain that combines properties of a sidechain and an optimistic rollup. UniSwap integration: The Minds social network has expanded by adding Uniswap liquidity pools. Dlive: Dlive is another blockchain social media platform for video, but it is focused specifically on livestreaming. BNB Chain.