Bitcointalk monero fork

bitcointalk monero fork

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I would argue that in the very near future Monero has in Monero has already year as an ongoing policy is doomed to failure. If most miners upgrade but nearly all users don't, what a large bitcointal in the is the majority of miners many Bitcoin payment processor use. Miner voting is most moonero situation where say, half the there bitcointalk monero fork little contraversy and upgrading is unlikely to ever will have chaos because people won't agree on the state at better ways of doing in response to the lower.

Yes, Of course for a fork when it is needed hard fork would be next transactions there will be 50 upgrade window is over. Yes we're hoping to - series bjtcointalk increases, as we want the latest whiz-bang features, we are talking about the fork when it is not.

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Ethereum drawbacks ArticMine posted 8 years ago Weight: Link [ - ]. Q: If I have my coins on a paper wallet, do I have to do something? In the final analysis I see this is a generally positive idea. That will get better in future, and it will be a good proving ground, but even there we still have to have a rolling hard fork schedule maybe 3 months before for experimental changes? If Monero can have such an organized hard-fork-release schedule right from the beginning, all users and developers will feel at ease with these inevitable events in the future. Seeing as how there are going to be things that will have to be introduced via a hard fork in future it stands to reason that we have to look at better ways of doing this than the current "fork and pray" approach.
Bitcointalk monero fork The entire network can be filled with bad actors, and you can still weed out the honest peers just by starting with 1 honest peer. The privacy and security argument in reality simply does not apply here. Since the code only kicks in after the 6 month window and the node observes a sufficient percentage of blocks on the new version, it simply wouldn't enable that code if there is not sufficient uptake. My initial reaction also included a small bit of recoil. Hard forks are possible in Bitcoin now but they must be driven by significant pain, such as for example the hard fork that occurred in the Spring of The upside is that surprise hard forks will not happen except in an emergency, so this means that the community will have plenty of notice. Reply to: ArticMine.
Bitcointalk monero fork I see a real danger here, since most people will likely be running a version more recent than the official 0. This makes the developers MSBs and give a regulator the leverage they need to push through the protocol changes they desire. Some of those are not necessarily hard forks, but they would benefit from there being more participants in the network with that functionality eg. I agree with you that we can move to a 1 year cycle in future, and I also agree that 3 months is probably going to be more of a nuisance than a positive force. Monero's situation is incomparable, and given that the safety of large quantities of funds depends on people upgrading it stands to reason that this is a different scenario to a networking standard or to operating system releases. We're not talking about emergency, reactive forks.
Exchange for ripple crypto Where'd ArticMine's reply go? Reply to: opennux Kazuki opennux. If there are no changes to the protocol then any compatible client should work both for nodes and miners. Reply to: binaryFate. The upside is that surprise hard forks will not happen except in an emergency, so this means that the community will have plenty of notice. Likewise if nearly all users do upgrade but most miners don't, again most of those miners' blocks will be rejected, the difficulty will drop on the chain users accept, and miners will show up there in response to the lower difficulty. This is a "protocol-rule" not a "client-rule" , what makes it almost impossible to change once you have enough different softwares running the protocol.
Why cant i buy crypto on coinbase with debit card Community Crowdfunding. We know fundamental change is less likely with the way Bitcoin is built and guided by it's core community. That's it. Always be sure you go straight to the official website of the manufacturer to get these updates! The upshot of this is that you can run a client that is a year old, but pretty much after that 1 year anniversary you'll be dropped off the network even if there have been no "real" changes in that year. We're not talking about emergency, reactive forks.
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Maybe pools are a necessary evil just like ASICs. This seems implausible. For security, you are strongly recommended to transfer your Monero to a private wallet, but this is also so that you can take advantage of the Monero fork and receive MoneroV for free. You switched accounts on another tab or window.