Bitcoin brain damage

bitcoin brain damage

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Running Bitcoin with Fran Finney
Bitcoin ETFs are here, finally While I have some thoughts on the saga, I want to take a moment to pause and talk about what the ETF actually. What happened to the guy that got permanent brain damage from mining a few years. Ah, so digital mining has hazards just like coal and other forms of mining if the boss don't care about the miner's welfare. Also, fans cool by.
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  • bitcoin brain damage
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  • bitcoin brain damage
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I've no idea what either of you are on about! I am fairly aware of heat-stroke, and somewhat concerned about it. That guy in the video was dumb though, assuming the story was told accurately, it's pretty bloody obvious that if you don't drink for a day or even some hours or more in a heatwave, or a hot room, you're going to be in trouble! Toggle sidebar Toggle sidebar. If it actually turned into a realistic alternative currency, it would probably turn out to be illegal.